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About the Collection

My collection of plastic windups started – as most collections do – by accident.  One friend gifted me with a windup, which has left rather permanently on the coffee table. Over time, other friends mistook this as a suggestion for more windups and brought us a few from their travels. As the growing amount of windups took hold, we'd seek them out as we traveled ourselves. And, over time, my small basket of plastic toys morphed into a sizable collection.

These windups have been purchased throughout the world - whether at a large chain store down the street or a tiny bazaar in Chandrapur.  Several move in delightfully unique way, hopping and twisting in strange, wonderful ways. A few are pretty old as windups go (one dating back about 35 years).  Some are surprisingly worth quite a bit, while most cost no more than a few dollars each.

While I have received a small number of metal windups over the years, the collection remains predominantly plastic.

Those first few years, the collection easily fit into a basket but it eventually grew beyond the constraints of its table and was moved to a series of small shelves.  There, they entertained nephews, nieces and dinner guests, all of whom who would enthusiastically empty the shelves and gather round the table to play.

When we moved to New Hampshire, the shelves stayed with our Massachusetts home and the collection remained in airtight boxes, it being too large to keep on display anywhere here.  But recently, we brought it out for the first time in years, to photograph, catalog, count and play. This site is the result of that work.